Why your LLC should have an Operating Agreement

Without an operating Agreement, an LLC is governed by the “default rules” set out by Utah statute. This is where things may get ugly because there may be so many unconsidered extenuating circumstances. Our guest post today is from Darren … Read More

Mid-Year Review

Mid-year is an excellent time to review the past six months of your business year and plan for business taxes. You have six months of accounting history to compare to the prior year and see if your business is on track for planned growth. The biggest and often most costly mistake a company can do is to delay imputing valuable income and expense information until year-end… … Read More

Controller Services

One service that we offer is that of a Controller, in which we take care of everything financial for your business. Gus Allen, owner of Blue Collar Landscapes, said,” I was entertaining the idea of doing the bookkeeping, payroll, taxes and invoicing all myself with the help of my wife, but decided to have Terri and her team handle it instead. It was one of the best decisions that I ever made! My business grew much more than expected and because of Stapley Accounting I was able to manage the growth of my new venture and still enjoy time with my family.” … Read More

QuickBooks Training

Are you tired of “garbage in, garbage out”? We can help make QuickBooks your new best friend! Learn more by joining us for some informative QuickBooks training and education at no charge to you.
Our next two training classes will be covering QuickBooks Advanced Beginner/Intermediate.
If you or someone you know wants to know more about QuickBooks then it would be a great idea to attend our class to learn more! If you attended our first class QuickBooks Basics then we strongly encourage you to come along and learn more to make your QuickBooks experience more fulfilling for you and your company.

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