Friday Forum: What Do You Want to Learn from Your Accountant?

Sometimes documenting and understanding our finances and accounting can be really hard. Especially if you’ve recently opened up a new business and you’re still working on the kinks. I’m sure we’ve all had that moment when we’ve received a document, either … Read More

E-Mail Etiquette: Why You Should Think Before You Send!

As an owner or employee it’s important to keep track of the people around you and make them feel secure and respected. Connie Roberts, our CPA at Stapley Accounting, found an article on that explains some simple and easy rules to follow! It’s as simple as your ABC’s and 123’s! … Read More

Friday Forum: What’s your favorite play or musical?

This weekend we are heading down to Provo for my sister’s birthday! For her birthday we are going to the theater to watch “See How They Run!” which is an phenomenal play. I’ve been watching plays and musicals since I was … Read More

Opportunity Cost-The Cost of a Choice

We all have to make choices. Do you study or go to the ballgame? Do you buy pizza or a hot dog? When you make one choice, you forgo another choice. This is called an opportunity cost. … Read More

Tip Tuesday: Windows #3

This Windows Tip will cover how to find more send to options in your right-click menu using the shift-key and the right-click on your mouse and customize your Send To menu to fit your needs! … Read More

Monday Laughs: Why Henrietta Crossed the Road

Now we know the answer to the eternal question: why did the chicken cross the road? You go Henrietta!  

Friday Forum: How Can People Achieve Greatness?

Our questions for Friday Forum today are: in your own personal experience what do you think is a great marker for achievement, how have you succeeded in your own life, and what habits would you recommend that people maintain and utilize in their daily activities to help them achieve wealth and success? … Read More

QuickBooks Training for Starting Up a Business

The focus of our next class, Starting Up QuickBooks From The Ground Up, we have decided to help anyone who has heard of QuickBooks and has wanted to give it a try or has recently started using it. Our purpose is to teach everyone that QuickBooks isn’t a big, scary monster that confuses you and your accounts, but a tool to simplify and organize yourself and your company. … Read More

Tip Tuesday Windows #2

Using Shift Keys and Right-Click to Copy a File Path Here’s how you can copy any file path quickly and easily for any use (remember this method copies a file onto your clipboard): Hold down the Shift key, right-click the … Read More

Monday Laughs #2

…as a pick me up we’ve started our posts called “Monday Laughs”. They’re a real help getting us through the Monday work day and we hope they improve your mood as well! … Read More