Vision Board and Declaration Statement

Recently, we attended a conference down in Salt Lake called “Master Your Influence”. Kirk Duncan, speaker and owner of 3 Key Elements, talked to us for three days about ways to improve ourselves and push our limits to become a … Read More

CTRL DEL vs CTRL D: Know the Difference

DELETE A LINE OR AN ENTIRE TRANSACTION. ‘CTRL DEL’ vs ‘CTRL D’ – A Quick Tip but Know the Difference When setting up an employee for payroll, several payroll items may be listed to appear under the ‘Earnings’ or ‘Additions, … Read More

Success Quote

2016 CPA Gift Guide

Aren’t quite sure what you want to get your CPA for this year’s Christmas present? We found a great article on Journal of Accounting that may save your bacon! Here’s a list of 2016’s coolest tech for a last minute … Read More

IDEAS about money

We all have preconceived misconceptions about money rolling around in our heads. From the moment we are born, we have learned that money is everything and without it we become stressed, depressed, and anxious as we move about in our … Read More

6 Ways to Save Money at Lunch Time

If you’re anything like me you spend some time straddling the thin line between convenience and money. For me, it’s convenient to stop by Chick-Fil-A for a quick lunch and then head back into work, however after a while it … Read More

Outsourcing Your Payroll

In our own experience at Stapley Accounting, we’ve discovered that outsourcing your payroll process to a trusted professional is preferable for most employers. When it comes to taxes, payroll is named as the most burdensome amongst employers as it can … Read More