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Tip Tuesday: How to Insert Different Headers/Footers in Word

Word automatically links all headers and footers to the previous headers, but did you know you can change that?! You can create a Word document with different chapters and insert different headings for each chapter without altering the previous headers and … Read More

QuickBooks Invoicing: So Many Ways to Save

Create (+) > Invoice > to the right of Save and send at the bottom of the page. There are also some keyboard shortcuts you can use: Save and new: Ctrl + Alt + S Save and close: Ctrl + … Read More

Tip Tuesday: Modifying Autocorrect

Word has a nifty tool that allows the program to automatically fix commonly misspelled or mistyped words. But sometimes we use a certain abbreviation or a character string frequently and we don’t need it to be autocorrected. For example, we sometimes … Read More

What Tax Records Should You Keep?

As a general rule, the IRS recommends keeping copies of tax returns and supporting documents for at least three years. Some documents should be kept up to seven years in case a taxpayer needs to file an amended return or … Read More

Tip Tuesday: Finding a Lost Document

Sometimes working on a computer can be the worst. Like when you’re writing up some important documents and suddenly my computer freezes or a power outage occurs (this was very common where I went to college). Needless to say, I’ve gotten into … Read More

Be Prepared To Validate Identity When Calling IRS

IR 2017-32 IRS has issued some tips regarding taxpayer phone calls to IRS, including what information callers need to be able to provide to IRS call center assistors to validate their identity. Noting that mid-February marks the agency’s busiest time … Read More