Working from Home and Staying Productive

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Can Playing Games Increase your Intelligence?

Can playing videogames increase your intelligence? In one word: most probably. Playing board games, and even video games, has been shown to have many health benefits and helps boost brain power. Playing board games can increase a person’s Logical Mathematical … Read More

Employee vs Independent Contractor

So you just hired on another person to join your team and help your business out, but are they an employee or an independent contactor?  At first glance, you might not notice many differences. In many cases, independent contractors and employees … Read More

Sensible Spending: Put Your Money Here, Not There

Money … it is a great thing to have, but often hard to hold on to when we find ourselves making impulse or unnecessary purchases on a daily basis. While a regular morning coffee or lunch out may provide immediate … Read More

When do you need to use a Tax Professional?

Back in the day, when I was a stay at home mom with six kids running around the neighborhood, my husband and I were trying to make it by with as few expenses as possible. One way we did this … Read More

Best Resources on How to Use QuickBooks Online

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New Federal Tax Law May Affect Some Refunds Filed in Early 2017

The IRS has announced their initial plans for processing tax returns involving the Earned Income Tax Credit and Additional Child Tax Credit during the opening weeks of the 2017 filing season. This action is driven by the Protection Americans from … Read More

Getting Your Business in Shape

Here are some tips on how to up your efficiency, exercise your schedule, and get your business back into shape! … Read More

Outsourcing Your Payroll

In our own experience at Stapley Accounting, we’ve discovered that outsourcing your payroll process to a trusted professional is preferable for most employers. When it comes to taxes, payroll is named as the most burdensome amongst employers as it can … Read More

Tip Tuesday: Year-End

With the Holiday season upon us, most of us would rather think about family gatherings, the aroma of pumpkin pie, holly and mistletoe. As a small business owner, though, we may need to add one important task to our list … Read More