Everything you need to know about taking out an early IRA Distribution

After having talked to several people I know about having to withdraw from their IRAs early, I decided to write about it a bit. Withdrawing from a IRA is a fairly simple process that can be done at any time, … Read More

Sensible Spending: Put Your Money Here, Not There

Money … it is a great thing to have, but often hard to hold on to when we find ourselves making impulse or unnecessary purchases on a daily basis. While a regular morning coffee or lunch out may provide immediate … Read More

Opportunity Cost-The Cost of a Choice

We all have to make choices. Do you study or go to the ballgame? Do you buy pizza or a hot dog? When you make one choice, you forgo another choice. This is called an opportunity cost. … Read More

Mid-Year Review

Mid-year is an excellent time to review the past six months of your business year and plan for business taxes. You have six months of accounting history to compare to the prior year and see if your business is on track for planned growth. The biggest and often most costly mistake a company can do is to delay imputing valuable income and expense information until year-end… … Read More

Late Starters And Retirement Savings

If you talk to a top financial planner you will quickly find out that it is never too late to start thinking about retirement savings. Unfortunately many people think that if you don’t get started in your early 20s or … Read More