When do you need to use a Tax Professional?

Back in the day, when I was a stay at home mom with six kids running around the neighborhood, my husband and I were trying to make it by with as few expenses as possible. One way we did this … Read More

QuickBooks Training: QB Essentials

Our next QuickBooks Training will be on QuickBooks Essentials. As your business grows, there are financial processes that will help track your company’s ongoing financial position. Join us for this informative training session as we walk through essential input and … Read More

QuickBooks Training for Starting Up a Business

The focus of our next class, Starting Up QuickBooks From The Ground Up, we have decided to help anyone who has heard of QuickBooks and has wanted to give it a try or has recently started using it. Our purpose is to teach everyone that QuickBooks isn’t a big, scary monster that confuses you and your accounts, but a tool to simplify and organize yourself and your company. … Read More

Tip Tuesday Windows #2

Using Shift Keys and Right-Click to Copy a File Path Here’s how you can copy any file path quickly and easily for any use (remember this method copies a file onto your clipboard): Hold down the Shift key, right-click the … Read More

Helpful Excel Tips and Tricks

For a beginner, Excel may have a few short codes that might be helpful to you as you work. Here are a few tips and tricks for making it more efficient and fun as you work. … Read More

Garbage In, Garbage Out

What we have found is that if garbage goes into your financial software or records, that garbage will flow out onto the Balance Sheet, Income, and Cash Flow Statements. This makes it difficult to identify how your company is really doing. … Read More

Free QuickBooks Training

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What Your Accounting System Should Provide

Regular Profit and Loss Statement A business owner can only survive with good and current information. Outdated financial statements have very little value. You might receive your year-end financial statements in May of the following year and find that there … Read More