How Budgeting Can be Like Using a GPS

Written by: Jill Sorensen, Accountant Last week, my husband and I took a vacation. During that time, we relied heavily on the use of Google Maps in order to get from one place to another. The thing is, we knew where … Read More

Tip Tuesday: Microsoft Word Tables

When I was first learning how to use different programs, Microsoft Word was by far my favorite. It seemed the most simple to me and my brain could easily wrap around the different ways to use it. I especially love … Read More

Getting off the Grid

There is a website that a lot of people don’t know about, but it is super helpful in a pinch. has instructions for removing your personal profiles from popular websites like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Windows Live, etc. You simply … Read More

When do you need to use a Tax Professional?

Back in the day, when I was a stay at home mom with six kids running around the neighborhood, my husband and I were trying to make it by with as few expenses as possible. One way we did this … Read More

Best Resources on How to Use QuickBooks Online

If you’re thinking about switching to QuickBooks online, have recently made the switch, or even if you’ve been using it for a while, but haven’t learned everything there is to know about it, then it’s important that you learn how … Read More

Tip Tuesday: Control Your Pasting

By default, Windows copies and pastes text and formatting from one window to the other. In most cases your best copy-paste result will be achieved by pasting the copied content by hitting the ALT key and then the H, V, … Read More

Tip Tuesday: Printing all worksheets in Excel

The easiest way to print al of your worksheets in Excel is to right-click a worksheet tab, choose SELECT ALL SHEETS, and then print normally to have the worksheets printed as a single print job. You could also select FILE, … Read More

Vision Board and Declaration Statement

Recently, we attended a conference down in Salt Lake called “Master Your Influence”. Kirk Duncan, speaker and owner of 3 Key Elements, talked to us for three days about ways to improve ourselves and push our limits to become a … Read More

2016 CPA Gift Guide

Aren’t quite sure what you want to get your CPA for this year’s Christmas present? We found a great article on Journal of Accounting that may save your bacon! Here’s a list of 2016’s coolest tech for a last minute … Read More

IDEAS about money

We all have preconceived misconceptions about money rolling around in our heads. From the moment we are born, we have learned that money is everything and without it we become stressed, depressed, and anxious as we move about in our … Read More