Tip Tuesday: Microsoft Word Tables

When I was first learning how to use different programs, Microsoft Word was by far my favorite. It seemed the most simple to me and my brain could easily wrap around the different ways to use it. I especially love … Read More

Tip Tuesday: Windows #3

This Windows Tip will cover how to find more send to options in your right-click menu using the shift-key and the right-click on your mouse and customize your Send To menu to fit your needs! … Read More

Tip Tuesday Windows #2

Using Shift Keys and Right-Click to Copy a File Path Here’s how you can copy any file path quickly and easily for any use (remember this method copies a file onto your clipboard): Hold down the Shift key, right-click the … Read More

Tip Tuesday: Windows #1

…As a means to help out our followers and clients, we have decided to set up a weekly tip update. Every month we will focus on a program or topic to give tips on and then each week on Tuesday we will give a new tip that will help make your experience with that particular program or topic easier and more smooth. This month we are focusing on the Windows program itself! Our first tip is called “Drag to Pin Windows”. … Read More