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A Totally Accurate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day. The day of hearts, chocolate, and chocolate hearts. For some, it’s an excuse to buy large amounts of sugar and give to someone else. For others, it’s an excuse to buy large amounts sugar and give it to themselves. Either way, it’s a day dedicated to...
Autumn Leaves & QuickBooks

Autumn Leaves & QuickBooks

With autumn coming in, the leaves are changing to those beautiful reds and oranges. With that, though, comes the chore of raking up the leaves that fall off your own trees. If you’re lucky, there is a neighborhood kid willing to rake them up for a few bucks. Sometimes...

QuickBooks Tip: Merging Accounts

Sometimes excessive amounts of different accounts can overcrowd QuickBooks, kind of like when you have a group project and too many people show up. They all help in little, specific ways but end up standing around most of the time and cluttering up the workspace,...

Calling for Backup

Have you ever tried getting something heavy off the top shelf while standing on a wheeled office chair? Well, without someone backing you up it can be pretty precarious, possibly injurious. That’s how ribs get broken. I would much prefer to have someone holding the...

The Madness of March

Hello fellow basketball enthusiasts, did you all witness the competition of last night? Good golly, it was invigorating. When that one player proceeded to take possession of the ball and launch it into the basket-post, thus securing a victory for his team to climb up...