Over the years as I have matured, I have wondered why we celebrate Labor Day – a day for picnics and parades for some, a day for hours on their feet behind busy cash registers for other.  Whether it started as a day for labor unions to declare strength and solidarity as they assembled and strolled down the streets of New York City or as a general holiday for the working class, it is a day for many of us to simply celebrate the fact that we are fortunate to work an 8-hour day (more or less) and get a paycheck.

Conditions are not the same; many of us live from paycheck to paycheck whereas others may be better off and have the opportunity to save for the future while truly enjoying today. Which ever situation is yours, I propose we take this Labor Day to thank those who are behind the scenes laboring to calculate and prepare our pay checks amidst the tax updates, rules, and regulations of bureaucracy.

We wish you an enjoyable holiday this Labor Day. Thanks for allowing Stapley Accounting the opportunity to serve you and for the services you have provided to us. At Stapley Accounting, your QuickBooks and Payroll Professionals in Cache Valley, we care about each of our clients and you, their employees.

Connie Roberts