heartYour heart is the most important organ in your body. Here are 7 ways to help understand your heart and help it be healthier.

Your Heart Works Round the Clock

Your heart beats about 72 times per minute round the clock. With all the work that your heart does, it is important to take care of it.

Men’s and Women’s Hearts Have Different Characteristics.

Men’s hearts are bigger have bigger arteries than women’s. Women’s hearts are more protected by estrogen, but when estrogen levels decrease with age, women become more at risk for heart disease.

Healthy Diet

Everyone lately talks about a healthy diet. From everything I’ve read, the best diet is lots of fruits and veggies, legumes, and healthy fats. If you skip the healthy fats portion, you will be hungrier. Healthy fats like avocados, olive oil, or nuts help your body feel fuller longer and your brain function better. Remember to cut out the things you know you shouldn’t eat like processed meats, trans fat, and refined sugars. If you don’t cut the “bad” things and exercise nothing will change.

Breakfast is the Most Important Meal

We’ve all heard it before, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you skip breakfast, you will be hungrier all day, your performance in work and other activities will be low, and you are at greater risk for heart disease.

Get a Yearly Check Up

If you get a checkup at least once a year, you will have a head start on preventing and treating signs of heart disease.

Cut Down on Salt Consumption

Excessive sodium consumption will add to heart disease and has been the cause of millions of heart related deaths. Not only do people add salt to their food with a salt shaker, but lots of freezer meals and fast food comes with lots of added sodium. There are other seasoning you can use that will make you heart like you better.

Stress Adds to Poor Heart Health

You need to learn how to relax and getting adequate rest is important to the health of your heart. Stressing out about work or family will add to your unhealthy heart. Relaxing, meditating, enough rest, and having a few calm moments in your life will help improve your heart health.  We can also help you relieve some stress by taking some of the worry away.  Give us a call to see how we can help!

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