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Make The Most of Your Bookkeeper

Make The Most of Your Bookkeeper

How Expanding Bookkeeping Can Expand Your Budget 1. Preparing A Saving Plan You need a saving plan for your business to help survive the unexpected events, like market changes, recessions, or the occasional global pandemic. If you don’t prepare for them, they can...

A Synopsis of Your Business

Have you ever wanted to know the basic story of a popular book or movie, but weren’t too interested in spending the hours to read or watch in its entirety? The basic solution is to look at a synopsis. A synopsis is a brief description that goes over the most important...

Independent Contractors

Let’s Make a Deal I find that contracts have a bad reputation, especially in stories. Ariel makes a contract with Ursula in Little Mermaid and loses her voice because of misplaced trust.  A lowly farm girl makes a contract with Rumpelstiltskin and nearly loses...

Cache Valley Events: Musicals and Runs

We are approaching springtime! As much as I love the snow and the wonderful feeling of being wrapped in a blanket and drinking hot chocolate, it will be nice to have everything be warm again. While we wait for the snow to melt, here’s a few ideas for fun things to do...

Presidents and Mileage Deductions

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful President’s Day honoring our great leaders, such as our first president, George Washington, the honest Abraham Lincoln, and that girl Rachel from my fifth-grade class. Thank you to our leaders who help keep our country...

A Totally Accurate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day. The day of hearts, chocolate, and chocolate hearts. For some, it’s an excuse to buy large amounts of sugar and give to someone else. For others, it’s an excuse to buy large amounts sugar and give it to themselves. Either way, it’s a day dedicated to...