Valentine’s Day

The day of hearts, chocolate, and chocolate hearts. For some, it’s an excuse to buy large amounts of sugar and give to someone else. For others, it’s an excuse to buy large amounts sugar and give it to themselves. Either way, it’s a day dedicated to love.

Now, from my experience in watching romcoms and family dramas, there is a test that couples do to prove their love for each other. Though the essence of the game is the same, though it may be presented in a variety of ways, including pop quizzes, trivia marathons, or even games of chance. This test usually includes many questions, including: What color are my eyes?, When is our anniversary?, and What is my favorite restaurant to order mango sticky rice?

What do we learn from this test with no official name?

Learning and providing accurate information is important.

Just like in romantic relationships, providing accurate information in your QuickBooks makes life a lot easier, both for yourself and for others. Unlike in romantic relationships, QuickBooks helps prevent issues with payroll and invoicing.

valentine's day chocolateTo avoid such problems, make sure that the reporting forms, calendars, and ID numbers for your company are all correctly put into the system. To organize customers, simply click the Customers tab at the top center and enter all the important details. Being consistent in recording regular customers and adding new ones helps with invoicing and reconciliation. If you are using QuickBooks for payroll, the software can help manage deductions, benefits, and tax payments. The best way to use this feature is to use the Employee Center option under the Employees tab. There, employees can be set up and ready.

So, whether you are working on your personal relationships or helping your business run without issues, we at Stapley Accounting wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

And if you have any questions or concerns about QuickBooks or Payroll, be sure to call us!