With autumn coming in, the leaves are changing to those beautiful reds and oranges. With that, though, comes the chore of raking up the leaves that fall off your own trees. If you’re lucky, there is a neighborhood kid willing to rake them up for a few bucks. Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy the scenery and have someone else do the job.

Now, if you’re just hiring your neighbor to rake the leaves, you can pay them and let them be on their way. But if your business has hired another freelance business to help with more specialized tasks, then you’ll need to make a 1099 for them at the end of the year. Thankfully, QuickBooks has a helpful feature for setting up 1099 Vendors. You will be able to sort payments and sales taxes to those contractors which helps minimize stress when it comes to making those year-end 1099s. Just be sure to get a W-9 form from each vendor.

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autumn leaves