Have you ever tried getting something heavy off the top shelf while standing on a wheeled office chair? Well, without someone backing you up it can be pretty precarious, possibly injurious. That’s how ribs get broken. I would much prefer to have someone holding the chair as I reach for whatever it is that I need. Actually, I would prefer to have someone tell me that there is a step ladder just in the hall closet. The point is, having some backup to watch for your mistakes and mishaps can make your life a whole lot less painful.

So, when it comes to running your business, always be sure to back up your QuickBooks. Computers are exceptionally helpful but imperfect machines. They occasionally crash, fry, and glitch, which can and have made messes of carefully recorded data. Be sure to back up your QuickBooks data regularly so your information is safe, even when you have technical problems. Using QuickBooks Online will automatically update your work to the internet, and there are plenty of ways to back up your QuickBooks Desktop with external hard-drives or online storage.

comfy chair in the middle of nowhere

And if you need any other backing up when it comes to accounting, QuickBooks, or Payroll, be sure to call us at Stapley Accounting.