payrollWe just celebrated our country’s 242nd Independence Day with fireworks, parades, barbecues, picnics, carnivals, baseball games, and special ceremonies.  We are celebrating the 5th year of business for Stapley Accounting; not with all the fanfare and color of July 4th, but with cheers and success stories.

When I joined Stapley Accounting 3 years ago we were processing about 10 clients’ payroll per month and quarterly payroll reports.  Today we service over 50 clients with their payroll needs and are continuing to grow payroll as a major service here in Logan and surrounding Cache Valley. We understand the numerous laws and regulations related to payroll processing and value prompt, accurate, and competent service to all our clients.

Payroll should be a reason to celebrate rather than worry about interest and penalties for failure to properly file or pay payroll taxes.  It should be like Eddie Lowery says in “The Greatest Game Ever Played”: easy peasy lemon squeasy.

Let us take the headache out of payroll processing and reporting for you.  ‘We can do it’ all or ‘You can do it’ with a little help from Stapley accounting.  Call us today at 435-294-0030, or use our contact form. Let us give you a reason to celebrate.

Connie Roberts