‘CTRL DEL’ vs ‘CTRL D’ – A Quick Tip but Know the Difference

When setting up an employee for payroll, several payroll items may be listed to appear under the ‘Earnings’ or ‘Additions, Deductions and Company Contributions’ sections. Some common items are reimbursements like Fuel, Supplies, and Mileage or Health Insurance and Simple Contribution. When actually processing payroll, these items auto populate to create a paycheck. Occasionally, an item may not be needed. To remove the payroll item for a single occurrence, simple press ‘CTRL DEL’ and the line item will be removed. To add a line, press ‘CTRL INS’. This will also work on a check and bill entry or journal entry.

If you want to remove an entire transaction like a bill, check, or journal entry, press ‘CTRL D’. Remember this deletes the entire transaction and cannot be undone.