Excel is an amazing program that is commonly used in the business industry and has an everyday application for just about everyone. It’s a very valuable software when creating rows and columns to organize, sum, and display data in standard report formats or even in graphs, histograms, and charts. As an accountant, I can say that the use of Excel has only increased over the years and I find myself using it daily in an effort to keep my records clean and straight.

For a beginner, Excel may have a few short codes that might be helpful to you as you work. Here are a few tips and tricks for making it more efficient and fun as you work.

1. To “hold” the Format Painter to apply formatting in several cells, rows, or columns not in consecutive order, double click on the Format Painter. To release the application, click escape or click on the Format Painter again.

2. Tired of dragging your curser down long columns to carry a formula into subsequent cells? After filling the first column with initial data, build a formula in the first cell of the next row. Place the curser on the ‘+’ at the base of that cell and double click. The column’s cells will be populated with the formula as far down as the first row of data goes.

3. Hold the “shift” key down when you draw a line. It will keep it straight.

Give these tricks a try. You will find yourself utilizing them all the time!