We all have preconceived misconceptions about money rolling around in our heads. ,We have are told that money is everything and without it we become stressed, depressed, and anxious as we move about in our daily lives. It’s especially stressful this time of year as we approach the Christmas season and gift shopping looms around the corner. But today we are going to shatter some of those misconceptions we have about money and explore more options.

  1. First and foremost we have to get the idea into our heads that MONEY IS NEUTRAL. Money is not inherently good or evil. It can feel that way sometimes depending on the way we or the people in our circle influence handle that money, but money is simply an object that we have deemed as having a value in our society. It will do whatever it’s owner intends for it to do.
  2. MONEY IS WHAT YOU DEFINE THAT IT IS. You and only you can decide what money means to you and what value or control you let it have in your life. If you want to manage it well, then you will. If not, then you will find yourself circling a drain.
  3. MONEY IS AN OUTSIDE THING THAT YOU MANAGE ON THE INSIDE. This reminds me of someone accidentally getting the wrong coffee in the morning, you can either choose to throw a huge fit, or handle it calmly. Similarly, you can choose what your attitude about your money is. If you are in control of yourself and your attitude towards money is positive, then the money will follow suit.
  4. You have a relationship with everything around you, even money. MONEY WILL COME TO YOU BASED UPON YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH IT. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, the relationship that you maintain with it will determine how you will interact with it and use it.
  5. MONEY DOESN’T SOLVE PROBLEMS. MINDSET SOLVES PROBLEMS. One thing I have heard over and over throughout the years is “if I had a bit more money, I could finally get this one thing done”. This is similar to the mentality that “as soon as I reach this one point, then I’ll be happy.” It’s important to remember to be happy now and live within your means. Even millionaires suffer from debt. It isn’t how much money you have that determines your state of happiness, but how you manage that money because of the way you’ve programmed your brain to handle it.
  6. JOURNAL AND CLEAR IT OUT. If you have a hard time expressing your inner thoughts about money management, write it down. Write down your worst habits. Write down what you want to change. Write down what strategies you have or want to implement to handle your money like a boss.
  7. Finally, IT’S VITAL THAT YOU HAVE A PLAN FOR YOUR MONEY. Have a plan for your money and how it might benefit yourself and the people around you. Earn money with a goal in mind, not to make yourself feel better. Money isn’t a salve for the soul and having more of it won’t make you feel better about yourself. You’ll still be unhappy, you’ll just be rich too. Or not, depending on your spending habits. Instead use your money to enrich the your life and the lives of those around you.

Have a wonderful holiday day!