If the average small business owner looked at a copy of a balance sheet or an income statement for their business, they would probably be very confused about the ‘numbers on the page’.  Unfortunately, many small business owners starting a business have a passion for the service or product, but lack education or experience in the “accounting” area and put accounting maintenance near the bottom of their to-do list.  Good record keeping, reporting, and analyzation is vital to the success of any business, small or large.

QuickBooks is a proven application for the small business.  It is affordable, it’s simple, and it works. With training, education, and experience, you can learn how to properly input and retrieve data and understand vital financial information that will help you make decisions for your business today and tomorrow.  Online resources for QuickBooks include numerous training videos and tutorials, articles, even webinars. You can find QuickBooks tips and tricks and get answers to questions. There is even a QuickBooks Community where you can share and learn from small business owners like yourself.

At Stapley Accounting, your QuickBooks Professionals in Cache Valley, we care about your business – so whether you have a single question or a year’s worth of problems, let us be a resource you can trust.  We can help you find your way through and experience QuickBooks as it was meant.