To a non-gardener, Arbor Day may be a strange day to observe.  Until I researched a little bit I had no idea what it is for or why.  First observed in Nebraska in 1874, Arbor Day became a nation-wide tradition in 1882 as a way to celebrate trees – not only for their beauty, but for their importance as windbreaks to keep soil in place, for fuel, for building materials, and for shade.

Maintaining good financial records is like Arbor Day. Good financial records help give you, the business owner, a clear picture of how well your company is doing thus allowing its future stability. Without proper maintenance you don’t have quality and timely data available to make decisions that can impact how to run or grow your business.  Peace of mind is easier to obtain and ability to enjoy a beautiful summer day relaxing in the shade of your favorite tree occurs when you have the proper tools to run your company. QuickBooks is a universal software created to help the small business owner do just that.

At Stapley Accounting we know how important it is to train and educate you to manage your books and understand your financial position so you can be successful.  Whether you are in Logan or Malad, Brigham City or Smithfield, let us help you with all your QuickBooks needs so you can enjoy a relaxing day.