Sometimes excessive amounts of different accounts can overcrowd QuickBooks, kind of like when you have a group project and too many people show up. They all help in little, specific ways but end up standing around most of the time and cluttering up the workspace, making it just a little bit harder to get the job done. So how do you fix the problem? You merge the jobs. Instead of having one person just hold nails while another person hammers them in, give the nails to the hammer guy and tell the first guy, “Thanks, you can go now.” Now that’s one less person to worry about with a hammer swinging around.

In QuickBooks, these extra accounts are created by different employees for different tasks or by creating an accidental duplicate of an already-existing account. Thankfully, QuickBooks has a merging feature specifically made for this issue. All that you need to do is name one file the same as the second and save and QuickBooks will ask if you wish to merge the accounts, to which you can click “yes”. This will clear up the space in your QuickBooks and make it less confusing to work with.

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Tanner Perkes