Alright everyone, time to don your flowing black robes and dust off your spell books because the spookiest month of the year is here!

Smithfield is having a Trick-or-Treat Street on Friday, October 25th at the Smithfield Recreation Center for anyone who is interested. It starts at 6 and the entry fee is a donation of paper goods (plates, paper towels, napkins, straws, etc.) for Lifting Hands International. There will be treats, costume and coloring contests, and more! Bring your family for a fun time!

Also, in case of boredom, I have found several fun things to do to help get you into the haunting spirit 😀

  • Read or write scary stories with your friends
  • Create Halloween shadow puppets and put on a show
  • Make dancing skeletons out of Q-tips, straws, or marshmallows & toothpicks
  • If you have access to film canisters, you can make ghost rockets (see link below)
  • Test your aim by throwing candy corn in small plastic cauldrons in a game of Witch Pitch
  • There are Corn Mazes and haunted trails at Little Bear Bottoms and the American West Heritage Center on the south end of Cache Valley
  • Enjoy the fantastic scenes at the Pumpkin Walk in North Logan
  • Learn about the haunting history of Logan at the Logan City Ghost Tour

We hope you have wonderful October full of fun spooks and spooky fun!

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Happy Halloween!

spooky pumpkin

Links to activities:

Ghost Rockets

American West Heritage Center

Pumpkin Walk

Logan Ghost Tour