I’ve read that ‘the most important techniques a high school quarterback needs to master can be practiced during the off-season. Repetition is the key to becoming a good quarterback. Throwing the football five hundred times a day will certainly enable a youngster to become better. There is no substitute for the want to attitude and the quarterback must have this type of determination in order to succeed’. I think this premise holds true for most things anyone may want to excel at: Repetition, Practice, and Desire, especially in the ‘off-season’ are critical.

Most small businesses go through seasons when business is booming. As users of QuickBooks the calm is the best time to master processes and techniques of the software so that the company books reflect the information necessary to allow for critical decision making and company success.

  1. For the common man, seeing or being told how to do something one time does not mean it can be repeated when the need arises. It takes repeating a task or process often and regularly before ability to perform the task may become somewhat natural.
  2. Once a task/process moves from the awkward stage, practice will create understanding and ability to make common tasks more efficient and effective. For example, one key stroke can speed up manual entry, one entry method may reduce a 4-step process to a 2-step process.
  3. No matter the situation, without real desire to acquire knowledge and motivation to get better at something, true success will always be limited.

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Connie Roberts