When I was a little girl we would celebrate May Day in school by weaving baskets out of colorful construction paper strips. Then we would take the baskets home, fill them with goodies and notes, set them at the door of a friend, ring the doorbell and run as fast as we could to hide. I could hardly wait each year for the opportunity to share May Day with friends and family.

Every month I anxiously await pay day in the same manner, anticipating a special date night, fun, good food or goodies, and a change from the regularity we get caught in as a month rolls along.

Most employers would not express the same level of enthusiasm as they prepare payroll. With all the record gathering, record keeping, payroll tax filing requirements, and deadlines, it can be quite overwhelming. Fines and penalties assessed by the IRS or states for improper reporting or failure to pay or file on time plus aggressive collection practices often scare employers and rightfully so – liens, levies, and possible jail time are a sampling of the possibilities that can occur from improper payroll handling.

If you have past due payroll taxes it is time to get expert help; better yet, get it right from the start.  At Stapley Accounting we are your QuickBooks and Payroll Professionals in Cache Valley. We can help your small business with payroll and keep your taxes and expenses in good order. Start May out right – call us today at 435-294-0030.

Connie Roberts