Sometimes working on a computer can be the worst. Like when you’re writing up some important documents and suddenly my computer freezes or a power outage occurs (this was very common where I went to college). Needless to say, I’ve gotten into a good habit of saving a document as often as I can. However, if this happens you don’t have to worry! There is a solution to your problem!

Open an Explorer window, navigate to This PC, and search for .asd. This may take a few minutes for your computer to find everything so give it a second. When it’s done it should have a display of all the Word recovery files on your PC, along with the file’s date size, time, and location. Once you’ve found the correct file double-click it to reopen it.

If you saved a Word file, but did not save the latest draft of that file then you can also locate it by using the Word Menu. Go to the File tab, select Info and check the Manage Document area to view links to various versions of the file.

Now you’ll feel less stressed your computer freaks out on you while you’re working!