Word automatically links all headers and footers to the previous headers, but did you know you can change that?! You can create a Word document with different chapters and insert different headings for each chapter without altering the previous headers and here’s how to do it:

  1. navigate to the bottom of the last page before your new header or footer
  2. from the layout tab (or the page layout tab) select breaks and then next page. This will create a section break enabling you to apply different attributes (margins, headers, footers, page sizes, orientations, etc.) to this section of the document without affecting the other sections.
  3. on the next page after the break, navigate to the header or footer and double-click that area to edit it. This will make the header and footer toolbars appear.
  4. select the existing header or footer and click the link to previous option to break the header or footer connection.

Now you can edit the new header or footer however you would like!
Repeat this method for any additional headers or footers you would like to use in your document.