For our Tip Tuesday today I wrote up a list of the most commonly used short cuts for Excel. I was given a sheet of them a while ago by an associate and they’ve proven to be very useful over the years. Feel free to print it out, keep it on your desk of pinned to your wall, and save some time and energy as you work!

CTRL  O              Open Workbook
ALT  F4               Closes Excel
CTRL F4             Closes Workbook
CTRL  S               Save Workbook
F12                       Save As
CTRL  N              New Workbook
CTRL  P               Print Workbook
CTRL  F2             Print Preview
CTRL  1                Opens Format Window
CTRL  A               Select All
ESC                       Quit Selection
CTRL  Space       Select Table Column
CTRL  PG UP      Moves up to previous sheet
CTRL  ↑                Moves to first row of set
CTRL  ↓                Moves to last row of data
CTRL  →              Moves to word on the far right
CTRL  ←              Moves to word on the far left
CTRL SHIFT →  Select one word right
CTRL SHIFT ←  Select one word left
CTRL  B               Bold
CTRL  I                Italics
CTRL  U              Underline
CTRL  5                Strike Through

CTRL  C               Copy
CTRL  V               Paste
CTRL  X               Cut
CTRL  Z               Undo
CTRL  Y               Redo
CTRL  ,                Copy Formula from Cell Above
CTRL                Copy Value from Cell Above
CTRL  /                Select current array
CTRL  D               Fill from Cell Above
CTRL  R               Fill from Cell to the Right
CTRL  K               Insert Hyperlink
CTRL  ;                 Insert Current Date
CTRL SHIFT #   Format Date
CTRL  :                 Insert Current Time
CTRL SHIFT @  Format Time
CTRL SHIFT $   Format Currency
CTRL SHIFT %  Format Percentage
CTRL SHIFT 1    Format Number
CTRL SHIFT B   Format Scientific

SHIFT  END       Select to end of cell
SHIFT  HOME   Select to beginning of cell
SHIFT SPACE    New line in same cell
ALT  F1                 Create an embedded chart