I’m going to be a little cliché for a moment: If you need something done, do it yourself. If you need something done but want it done quicker, use a tool. This is how we have evolved as a human race. We didn’t have menacing claws or paralyzing venoms to assist in hunting prey, so we created meat-processing facilities. We didn’t have miles of absorbent roots or internal hydration pouches, so we created soda fountains. And some of us don’t have the mental capacity to properly socialize and cope with the harsh realities of the world, so we created the internet. Tools have been made throughout history to help us better navigate the chaos of the world.

And what can be more chaotic than our taxes?

To help in this area, the IRS has created a new online Tax Withholding Estimator Tool that expands on the old Withholding Calculator that was previously used. This new tool is mobile-friendly and can more effectively calculate a tax due amount close to zero.

Now you may be asking, “What if I have the tools but still don’t quite understand how to do what I need to do?” If you ever have that problem, just ask! We at Stapley Accounting are here to help with all your QuickBooks, Payroll, and Accounting needs.