Recently, we attended a conference down in Salt Lake called “Master Your Influence”. Kirk Duncan, speaker and owner of 3 Key Elements, talked to us for three days about ways to improve ourselves and push our limits to become a more rounded individual. Two major components we talked about were Vision Boards and Declaration Statements.

Vision Boards help you define the tangible items and accomplishments you want to bring into your life. The idea behind it is, “if you can see you can see it, you can create it.”
The science behind this principle is that your reticular activating system (RAS) works as a filter to help you focus on the important information that comes into your brain. In essence, you brain sees something and works on a way for you to achieve it. When your brain connects with the things it sees, the connection grows and expands, especially if you look at it many times causing more brain power to work on your problem or need. Having a vision board strengthens your relationship with your goals and helps you reach your goals quickly.

Vision Boards don’t have to be fancy or elaborate. In fact, you can create a vision board with some painter’s tape and some printed pictures or words written on a paper. First, you need to make a 3×3 square on your wall using the painter’s tape and then use your pictures or words to fill up the space inside. Place your Vision Board somewhere you will look at it often, at least twice a day.

The second element we discussed was Declarations. What you say, especially to yourself carries incredible power. It defines who you are, how you act, and what you say on a subconscious level. Thoughts are constantly whizzing through your mind at an accelerated rate, and if what you say is full of negativity that is what you will exude on the surface as well. Instead of letting those negative thoughts take control of our lives, we need to combat them with positive thoughts that reassure us.
There are three types of declarations:

  1. One Word Declarations: Thoughts can take form in one simple word. Pick a simple, significant word that hold great meaning for you. An example would be “freedom”, “peace”, or “courage”.
  2. One Sentence Declarations: While a one word declaration can give you confidence, giving your brain more information to feed on can he helpful. Try using a sentence to declare to yourself everyday. For example, “I am a good employee and I can express myself as a trusting and fearless leader.” A bit cheesy, but go ahead and try it!
  3. Multiple Sentence Declarations: Having may sentences that you can rely on throughout the day is a powerful way to boost your face during daily challenges that may be dragging you down. Try writing down a five sentences that boost your mentality and confidence in yourself. Say them out loud and with feeling as you get ready for the day or silently to yourself throughout the day. For example, we used the declaration, “I add value to other peoples’ lives. My life improves as I lead others. I am a great and powerful listener. I am confident and charismatic. I am a generous giver and an excellent receiver. I influence others to find their own truths”, while we were at the seminar. Kirk Duncan had us repeat this Declaration several times throughout those three days and it helped a lot!

Remember more than anything: you are the master of your thoughts. Coach your brain to think “I’m good at this, and I’m going to get better.” That way you’ll feel a need to grow and expand yourself without feeling inhibited or put back by anything.

To learn more visit your own seminar and learn from Kirk Duncan yourself! Visit 3 Key Elements to learn more.