It’s pretty scary to watch the news and see all the natural disasters. The Tropical Storm Rosa to the west, all massive fires surrounding us, and even a flash-flood warning in our little Cache Valley. It almost makes me want to quit my job and stand out on Main Street with a sign saying, “THE END IS COMING!”

Our hearts and prayers go to those who must endure through these tantrums of Mother Nature.

With all these disasters so close to home, it is important to stay prepared, both in terms of physical safety and financial security. Last year, the IRS sent out a few tips when hurricanes Harvey and Irma threatened the U.S. and the Caribbean.

  1. Create copies of important documents, including bank statements, tax returns, IDs, and insurance policies, and store them on USB flash drives or the internet. Another option, if your old school, is to print physical copies and keep them in a waterproof container.
  2. Documenting high-value items with pictures or video makes it easier to claim any insurance benefits after the emergency.
  3. Review and update emergency plans annually. As personal and business situations change, so do your preparation needs. Be sure to inform and practice these emergency plans with your employees and family members.

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