Windows 10 isn’t as revolutionarily new as it used to be, but I still have a hard time navigating it from time to time! Here’s something new I learned the other day. One of the new features in Windows 1o is the return of the Start Menu feature, however if you’re used to the old Start Menu set up, you’ll notice that the Control Panel is no longer an option there. But don’t panic! The traditional Control Panel option is still available through the Start Button, it’s simply buried deeper.  To access the Control Panel:

  1. Press the Start button
  2. Click All Apps and scroll down and select the Windows system folder, and then click the Control Panel option

The quickest way to access the Control Panel is to right-click the start button menu (WinX Menu). The Traditional Control Panel option is available there as well.

You can also search for the Control Panel by asking Cortana to open it for you.

As an added bonus, if you use Control Panel a lot, you can pin a shortcut to your Quick Access menu or Start button:

  1. Open a File Explorer window
  2. scroll down to and right-click the Control Panel option
  3. Choose either pin to quick access or pin to start

Have a Great Time Exploring!