I have a quick story to tell you: The other week I was talking with my friend who was trying to convince me that in order to keep up with all the changes in government and taxes, I needed to get a brain transplant. At first, I didn’t think it was a good idea. But then I changed my mind 🙂

It looks like there will be a few more big changes happening in 2019. Currently, in order for a salaried employee to be exempt from overtime pay after working over forty hours in a week, they need to make over $23,660 in a year. But there are reports that suggest that a new rule will be proposed early this year to increase this threshold to around $32,000. To put this into perspective, in order for an exempt employee to stay exempt, they would need to go from earning $455 per week to $600 per week. A similar rule change was proposed and blocked in 2016, but an unpopular change like this might be necessary in order keep up with the reality of modern business.

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